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Top Tips to becoming the perfect bride from Portraits Hair and Make-Up…

Top Tips to becoming the perfect bride from Portraits Hair and Make-Up…

Portraits leading hair and make-up artists, Zara Vernazza and Nadia Matoorian-Farrow have styled countless brides and bridal parties at weddings across the UK and Overseas.

As your wedding day is fast approaching, Zara and Nadia are here offering their expert advice to prepare your look for the big day!

  • The Artists – Your hair & make-up artist are usually the first people who kick start your wedding, so choose a team that has visualised your entire wedding. Compatible personalities are as important as your look – you are spending your special morning with someone you may hardly know, so it is important that you get on and that they get you off to the right start!

  • The Trial – We would always recommend you do a trial prior to your wedding. This not only allows you to finalise your chosen look, but it will also allow your hair and make-up team to try out different products to ensure you have no allergies to them! It’s a good idea to bring images of looks you really love – this will give your artists an idea of the sort of styles you like and rule out anything you really don’t like!

  • The Timing – Try not to book your trial too far in advance if it can be helped, unless you are planning to have a second trial. Your hair will probably be a different length, texture or colour. Your skin can also be a different colour and texture depending on if you have had fun exposure or any skin altering treatments before your wedding. We would advise you book your trial 6 weeks before your wedding date.

  • The Timetable – An organised hairstylist and/or make-up artist will supply you with a timetable to ensure the smooth running of your morning. If you have a big bridal party to get ready, give everyone a copy so they know where they need to be and at what time!

  • The Wedding Day – Surround yourself in a calm and relaxing environment on the morning of your wedding. If at all possible, we recommend having a small number of people in the room while your hair and make-up team work their magic! The morning may start off in a calm manner but, from experience, can quickly descend into chaos. Make your space into a small haven!

  • The Touch-Ups – Being the belle of the ball means lots of photos from start to end, so we advise you take a very small number of products with you to the wedding venue (lip gloss, powder, hair spray etc). You can ask one of your bridesmaids to be responsible for carrying these, so you can do small touch-ups during the day and night to keep you looking fresh!

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