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Albert Palmer Photography


Millie, Dymock Woods, Gloucestershire

Hair by Zara, Make-Up by Nadia + Rebecca @PBA

"I was lucky enough to book both Zara and Nadia to do my wedding hair and make-up respectively- they are both so talented. I’d met Zara before at another wedding and knew she was lovely, even at 7am she was smiling and enthusiastic! Zara is so easy going that it is easy to be really particular about how you want your style without feeling like you’re being difficult. The range of styles that I have seen her do is incredible, and she always manages to make everybody happy and look beautiful. As soon as I met Nadia for my make-up trial I knew that I was in good hands. Having your make-up done on your wedding day is lovely anyway (it forces you to find the time to stop rushing around and enjoy the morning!), and Nadia is so laid back, calming and friendly. She listened to my worries about my skin and was great at recommending products for my mum and me too. I felt so stunning all day and night thanks to these gifted ladies, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you both, and I hope to keep seeing you both at weddings forever!!"


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