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Joanna Bongard

Dayala, Morden Hall, London

Hair by Zara, Make-Up by Nadia

"Initially my search for hair and makeup professionals was disappointing as no one really “got it” even after a trial.  And then I met Nadia and Zara who knew exactly what I wanted – just me but at my very best.  My makeup was flawless and flattering and my naturally curly hair has never looked so perfect. Nadia is a makeup expert and Zara is a hair expert and that showed in the results of the day.  Even more importantly they have awesome personalities…friendly and fun and that’s exactly who you want around you on your wedding day. I want another wedding just so I can look that beautiful again.      

Look how cute this pic is that my photographer sent me early… I really felt so beautiful and my makeup and hair looked good even at the end of the night!"

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