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Laura Babb


Liz Linkleter

Selena, Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London

Hair by Zara, Make-Up by Holly @PBA


“I cannot thank Zara & Holly enough, everybody looked INCREDIBLE! I have never looked or felt more beautiful in my life. As one of those people who don’t enjoy having their picture taken, his level of confidence gave me what I needed to enjoy my day to the fullest, I’m beaming in all of my pictures! The organisation was spot on, their manner was calm & in control, I didn’t need to time watch, when I was losing the plot, Zara pulled out the aromatherapy oils!  I didn’t need to worry about anything, only to relax and enjoy the process. 


Deciding what I wanted in terms of hair/makeup wasn’t easy, so much choice made it overwhelming, I had a couple of hair trails with Zara & I must have driven her mad with my indecisions but she was patient/understanding, made many helpful suggestions to personalise the look I was going for, the end result was by far better than I’d imagined.  I was lucky enough to have Zara & Holly by my side for the day, I had a stronger look for the evening which they turned around so quickly, in freezing temperatures too. 


Holly was the MUA for my first wedding then again for my Hindu ceremony & she excelled herself, I’m not sure how many Tamil brides she’s made up in the past but I looked like the real deal, with many of the guests commenting on her work. 


If you’re looking to use Portraits bridal, don’t hesitate, you’ll be in the best hands as their knowledge of the industry is extensive & their creativity is boundless.  The only downside with using them is that once you see how amazing they’ll make you look, you’ll want to look this was all the time!” 


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